Richter / Judges

Tjitse Terpstra

"My name is Tjitse Terpstra, born in Marrum Friesland.
I started working with sheep early on. This was a herd of 1500 Texel and a herd of cattle. Very different from what I do now. 

I did this for a while without dogs. My neighbour gave me the idea that a dog could do the work of 6 men.
He was right!

I bought my first Border Collie from Paul Andreoli, this was in 1982. I called her Sita, she was a benevolent and smart lady. Since then I have never parted with Border Collies. 

In 1990 I got my job as a shepherd in the Hijkerveld. Here I started with 800 sheep and a herd of Scottish Highlanders. I drove this herd of sheep with my dogs and for the Highlanders I had my Western horse.

Since 2004 I started my own business. Now I have a herd of Schoonebeker heath sheep for ecological management in Zwolle. I bring the sheep into the quarters with Jazz; Aa-landen, Holtenbroek and Stadshagen. I like to take the other dogs with me to train them here.

I am an avid participant in sheep herding competitions.
In 1986 was my first practice course of the Border Collie Club Netherlands. I walked this one with Sita. This is where I found out that there were a lot of nuanced whistles. While I was only screaming 3 commands. My buddy Paul Andreoli insisted that I continue training. That has had a good result. I became first at the Dutch Championships with Sita! (1987 in Rheden)
In recent years I have become European champion three times and Dutch champion twice with different dogs.I qualified for the world championships also. 

I train my dogs on whistle and voice commands. One dog is not the other, so it is always a matter of waiting how quickly a dog picks up. Keeping them in good shape, mentally and physically, I do by training in different circumstances and just walking"

Ricky Hutchinson England

I'm very pleased and honoured to be asked to judge this year's enc. I've been round sheep and sheepdogs my whole life, all 21 years.... I first ran ran some of my father's dogs at the age of 7, fully grown by then at 1.2m tall I loved the experience and have been hooked ever since. 

I've judged all over the u.k, Europe and the U.S.

I'd like to see straight lines, tight turns and good stockmanship from both handler and dog. 

I'm looking forward to meeting old friends, making new ones and no doubt being popular with one handler at the end of the event!

Good luck all.

Erik Holmgaard

My name is Erik Holmgaard. I have worked with Border Collier since 1992. In 1999 I took part in my first CSC and in 2002 my first WT. I have judged international competitions for many years and this is the second time that I have to judge ENC.